Intimate, Prophetic & Sponteneous Song

Last month, when I was listening to the online worship music (The Night Watch Ministries), I felt an anointing came when they broadcasted a song "Holy Spirit, Descend on us" by Keith & Sanna Luker (Album: River is Rising). I hear the spirit is singing!
I was looking for that album in my area (Malaysia) and I found none. I searched for his website and I emailed to the Artist and ask if any discount for the CD due to the convertion of currency is high. However, I had been praying for the free CD in my heart and how I long to worship him and come closer to him through intimate, prophetic and sponteneous songs. After the few minutes, the artist replied the mail and he wanted to bless me with his 2 copies each of his 3 Albums for FREE!

Anybody in Malaysia wish to import his CDs in Malaysia pls contact me and he may give a discount for min purchase of 30 pcs.

Released in 2004, this first CD in a two-volume companion set of live prophetic worship was recorded in an intensely intimate setting. Captured live at the FreeWind School of Worship, this gem features deep acoustic grooves and luscious grand piano and flute as a backdrop for the amazing spontaneous flow of songs from JoAnn McFatter and Sanna Luker that will inspire and delight all worshippers. The two-volume set includes over two hours of deep worship that will cause your spirit to soar. New songs such as “Never Let You Go”, “Cloud By Day” and “Get Above It” are included along with modern worship favorites “King of Glory” and “Better Is One Day”.

This best-selling CD on The Elijah List is Keith and Sanna’s signature recording. Way Live prophetic worship recorded at younghungrylions. Trippy, groovy, swirly, cool! An hour long spontaneous flow of prophetic worship including such songs as “I Will Lift Up My Head” and “Big Sky”. Comes with a warning label: “WARNING! This album defys convention, shatters the status quo and may cause serious injury to apathy!” Don’t say we didn’t warn ya!

Mellow, soaking music. Recorded live in 1997 during ministry time at a Full Message Ministries conference with Jack Deere, Don Finto and Kregg Hood. Several spontaneous original prophetic songs were captured on this recording including “The Blood of Jesus” as well as worship favorites like “True Love” and “Let’s Worship”. Sanna’s beautiful call to the Holy Spirit “Descend On Us” is one of the many sweet highlights of this collage of anointed music. Great for prayer or ministry time!

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