Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Elijah Challenge II: My Brother in law (The Weight of God)


We shared the Gospel of the Kingdom to my brother in law which is in Tangkak, Johor on Oct 2007. By the help of Holy Sprit, we were able to answer some sensitive and controversial issue about Christianity during “Q&A” session with him. By the grace of God, he voluntarily want to receive Jesus into his life when we were going to bed (really! it's midnight hour). I led him to salvation prayer. We laid our hand on him. As I was praying, suddenly the Weight of the Glory of God coming down and filled the house. My wife felt the heavy weight of God! Just the heavy weight, nearly slain down if somebody “push” her!!

We sang a song as holy spirit inspired my sister in law (Christian). so, with playing of guitar, we sing the song, the chorus part of the song

“O Lord I hunger, for more of you, rise up within me, let me know your truth, O Holy Spirit , saturate my soul and let the life of God, fill me now, let your healing power, bring life and make me whole, and let the peace of God, let it reign…..”

The weight of Glory of God so strong as we praise, worship, interceding for this family (my father in law not yet saved) together with this new creation (my brother in law). It took about more than 40 minutes of praise, worship & prayer! We (including this new creation) was broke out in tears!!!! WOW!!! The real experience of the Kavod Adonai!! Hallelujah!

Thomas Ong 28 Dec 2007


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