Friday, January 11, 2008

Open House + Evangelistic Meeting


It's come to December 2007 that we opened our house for evangelistic meeting, also welcome our friends to our new house. We cooked, did ice breaking games, played the Vcd of Testimony of Dato' Chua Jui Meng, shared the Good News of the Kingdom, prayed for the sick and salvation, fellowship and have fun!

I was troubled by what to share during the open house, as I was praying, I was sensing God ask me to share what I know about him, what I know about His Full Message of the Good News of the Kingdom. Click the link here THE GLORY OF THE LATTER RAIN and you will get the message that I shared on that day. May God bless you. God said "I am the God that Healeth Thee (Jehovah Rapha)" He is the great physician, He is the balm of Gilead, God want you to experience Him, to experience His power, open your heart, as you are reading, May the Spirit of Glory reveal to you the riches of the glory of His inheritance, remember, God sent His Word to heal you, so I sent His Word back to you, be healed right now in Jesus name, believe that your sickness has been transferred to Jesus himself, close your eye, see yourself that whatever sickness you have, just see it, your sickness, transferred to Jesus's body, and by His stripes, you are healed! you must see it yourself! Believe it! God is spirit! He is here! Just in your side! Reach out to Him, by faith, through grace, He is willing to save, to heal and to deliver! Are you willing? to receive Him? Jesus loves you.
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