Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lost Thing Found In The Glory – Revelation and Insights

After reading the 'Mysteries of the Glory Unveiled' and 'The Glory Invasion' by David Herzog, I realized that there is no time and space in the Glory realm. I lost my Kingston’s Pendrive (2GB) 3 days ago and not able to find it back. However, I remembered the revelation by David Herzog about the Glory. I must get my pendrive back in the Glory!! When I was driving to work in the morning, I was praising and worshipping God until I sense the strong glory of God. Suddenly, I saw a picture of corner shop (food court nearby my previous company in Tmn Melawati) with my pendrive on the floor. As I know that there is no time and space in the Glory, I just grabbed my pendrive in the vision and speak to the pendrive to be returned to me in Jesus name. After I reached my office, I went to the shop and asked the worker whether she saw my pendrive that lost 3 days ago. She told me she didn’t. Then, I led to ask the boss of the shop. I was shocked that the boss handed over me the pendrive!!! Praise the Lord!
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