Friday, November 21, 2008

Somebody touched me!!!

After received the impartation of fire, I received a sms from a brother for urgent prayer request. I telephoned him and release the fire of God upon him in Jesus name. After prayer, I asked him how he felt?

He said:" Wow, it's really supernatural! I felt like heat over my head! as you prayed, somebody touched my back!! somebody touched me!! somebody touched me!! It's supernatural"

God is good. It must be the hand of the Lord! This reminded me the following praise song, as I sing it loud with guitar, I can felt the anointing was flowing. It's seem like I going to sing it in coming cell group!

Somebody Touched Me

1. Glory, glory, glory somebody touched me. ( x3)

2. While I was singing somebody touched me. ( x3)

3. While I was praying somebody touched me ( x3)

1. It must have been the hand of the Lord.

2. It must have been the hand of the Lord.

3. It must have been the hand of the Lord
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