Monday, November 24, 2008

Testimony wrote to Ps Paul Ang

Here is my testimony wrote to Ps Paul Ang, from CKRM Singapore.

Dear Ps Paul Ang,

We were having awesome cell group gathering just now where the presence of God and His fire was so strong like never before in this cell. I released the fire of God during worship and even the first song of worship, many can felt His tangible strong presence.

Many were enjoying in high praise, worship and shout to the Lord, blowing of shofar. The watching of Ps Benny Hinn's Healing Crusade's Dvd has boosts the faith level of the cell member, thus increase the atmosphere of 'Glory'. We prayed for the sick and also for my wife. She coughed & vomited again even after the cell, when there is still an anointing in my living room. We also prayed for a sister who going for surgery on her back this Saturday, may God performs miracle healing for her.

Thanks God for your impartation of the fire and it stirred my heart again and wipe away my spiritual disappointment and water my spiritual dryness since June this year.

No matter how I strongly desire more from the Lord and want to make a trip to CKRM. I still arrange the logistics to come tomorrow night or Saturday morning, if not, I 'must' come on next weekend!

God bless,

Thomas Ong

-- Outpouring of New Wine... fresh anointing.. joy unspeakable.. new oil.. great anointing... abundant living joy in Holy Ghost...cheer up, sons of God..
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