Monday, December 1, 2008

Can God heal physical Injured Supernaturally?


News about him spread all over Syria, and people with every kind of sickness or disease were brought to him. Some of them had a lot of demons in them, others were thought to be crazy, and still others could not walk. But Jesus healed them ALL.
(Mat 4:24 CEV)

Sure! In Jesus times, He healed ALL sickness either caused by demon or physical cause. This reminded me an incident that I prayed for my friend who help a church with a function, fell from the ladder. His arm was injured and inflamed. He is a brother with pure heart, on fire for God, doing many voluntary work in the society to spread the love of God. I would like to pray for him, but I didn't feel any of the anointing (dunamis) and I was not in very good mood on that time. I used authority in Christ (Exousia Power)

"In the name of Jesus, I rebuke the inflamation and command the muscle, ligament, tendon, nerves in the arm be healed, NOW!"

After commanding, his arm inflamation was healed immediately! We can see the 'red' colour in his arm was turn to normal colour. Both of us was amazed for this miracle! Thank you Jesus! All these things done by the 'Faith of God' (note: not by my own faith) and power energised through the name of Jesus!

Although God can healed physical injured, on our part, it is ideal for us to apply some anticeptic!

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