Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Crown in the spiritual realm represents spiritual authority

This is testimony written by Victoria Ho when we made a trip to CKRM, Singapore on 6 Dec 2008. She saw a Crown being bestowed upon me when Pastor Paul prayed over me to be under the spiritual coverage of CKRM. 

Here is her testimony:

Having been a Christian for more than 20 years, being exposed to different church environments and also having a lot of spiritual experiences, I have no problem acknowleging God's awesome anointing in CRKM the first time I stepped into the church.

CKRM has a high calling as a supernatural ministry to empower the Christians today to seize the territories that have been lost to the darkness. It also aligned with the prophecies that have been released recently in School of Ministry, Aslan's Place in Singapore in November the Lord has given divine weapons to the Churches in Singapore. http://victorgal.blogspot.com/2008/11/aslans-place-word-received-in-singapore.html

Yesterday while Pastor Paul prayed for Thomas to be under the spiritual covering of CKRM, I could see in the spiritual realm, God has bestowed a crown to Thomas. This crown represents the spiritual authority and power he can exercise in the spiritual realm under the covering of CKRM.

The spiritual realm is the realm where you can see the activities of the demons and the angels. I can relate to the things in the spiritual realm as I have been transported to the spiritual realm before. 

This is not the first time I have seen a crown being bestowed in the spiritual realm. A few years ago when i was in a meeting in my ex-church, a pastor prayed for the congregation of those who are the eldest child to have spiritual leadership and authority over their home, the Lord bestowed me a crown. (I am the eldest child at home if I do not include my eldest sister who is married)

Hence if you do not understand how the Lord uses CKRM to empower the Christians, please do not criticise the ministry. CKRM has a very high calling. You may have to take back your words one day.

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