Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hospital Visitation

We (Bibliana, Georgina and me) went to University Hospital to pray for the sick yesterday evening. We prayed for my cell member's sister who has cancer and bedridden for months. Her stage consider critical and can't talk because her mouth was full of tube (to help her lung operate and breathe). With compassion, we prayed for healing over her and speaking the Word of God over her to build up her faith. I prayed for the fire anointing over her to burn away all the work of the enemy. Then, I exercised 'The Sword' anointing , and also 'blow' at her to receive LIFE. As led by the Spirit, I asked her to nod the head and say 'amen' in heart when I prayed the rededication prayer to Jesus as her saviour and healer. Please say a healing prayer for her if you read this post and believing God will use her to declare the works of the Lord.

Updated: This sister went to the Lord. However, we praise God that she is now live eternity in the Glory of the Lord.

We moved to other patient opposite in same ward. An old woman who has severe injured on her face and body, habouring her past sad story. We asked her whether want to receive Jesus as her personal God and healer. She agreed and we lead her to salvation prayer. We can see her face filled with joy. Hallelujah!

Updated on 11 Dec 2008: We went to visit them again. The old woman felt joy in her face and started to eat (previously can't eat), and begin prayed to Jesus, she is 86 years old. She told us she felt very happy to have Jesus. We prayed over her again, my friend, brother Khoo (great volunter of God), has seen instant healing on her face during prayer. He also filled with Holy Spirit, share the whole story of Jesus in Cantonese! She was very thankful to us, but we told her to thanks the one who save, heal and deliver, YESHUA, The Messiah!
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