Thursday, December 11, 2008

Instant Weight Loss & Healing


When we was in CKRM's Spiritual Gift Empowerment Service, Singapore on 6 Dec 2008, Pastor Paul & Pastor Esther, as led by the Holy Spirit, suddenly called us out in the pulpit for the ministry. We actually do not know what to minister since we were not prepare. As I prayed to God, I was led to called Sister Faith and prayed over her. She fell down by the spirit and later she testified that she having instant weight loss! Let's read her testimony and start to believe All Things are possible with God and the Lord is doing new things everyday!

Dear Brother Thomas

It was about more than a kg, I was at that moment really worry about my pants and holding it real tight! Ha! Ha!

I was totally healed on that very day after you exercise The 'Sword Anointing' on me. It had delivered me from the great pain that I could hardly endure. I have not been eating and resting well due to that. Praise God!

Yestereday I was not feeling 'well', I spent my hours mostly on bed, head was heavy and body was tired. I couldn't understand why as I had paid attention taking good care of my health recently.

Before an hour I need to get up to get myself ready for song practice at CKRM, firstly I found myself (my spirit) flying in the air and next I was wailing as I saw the scene of Lord's crucification.

The next minute I found within me was being heavily 'cleanse' and washed throughly from the top of my head to the tip of my toes and vice versa.

I also heard Lord's talking to me regarding a sister's situation which I later called her and gave her words of encouragement and found out that she had actually overcome her difficulty. Words given to her is about assurrance of Heavenly Father's Love for her. My body was sweatly and within me was burning while I was talking to her.

I never have such encounter before as mentioned above. Could it be The 'Sword Anointing' I received though I have received from others before? I believed it is because I saw many swords in my vision during that particular hour, swords are given to those who God has choosen and given the authority to use it to eliminate the enemy!

The 'Sword Anointing' that you've exercise on me is The 'Sword Anointing' of Cleansing/Healing

1.) Cleansing of unhealthy fat (loss weight) Healing of fatigue

2.) Cleansing of mind and soul (Cleansing occurred aften the vision of Lord's crucification - By The Blood of Jesus)
Healing of emotional hurt

Thanks Brother,

God Bless You.

Faith Leong
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