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Prophetic Word: The Sword Room in Heaven


Amazing confirmation from the Lord when I came across Rev Susan Cummings from http://www.intheimageofhisglory.com about her prophetic word on The Sword Room in Heaven! With her permission, I posted her prophetic word as below. What's happen in CKRM is actually the real demonstration of the Spirit and Power, the Lord confirming His Words with signs and wonders. (1Cor2:4-5, 1Cor4:20)

Susan's Prophetic Word

“I Am Opening My Sword Room”

On 12-29-08, the Lord showed me in a vision a new place in heaven which was a huge room and the door was opened in front of me and the Lord who was also standing beside me. I looked into the vast room and it was lined with tall ornate looking cabinets as far as you could see. The cabinets held swords. There was row upon row upon row of cabinets full of swords. The cabinets were dark, kind of like cherry wood, but when I went up to look at the cabinets, the wood was not ordinary wood but it was alive. You could feel the Spirit flowing through them as it flowed through all things in heaven.

The cabinets held swords. Each was upright with the base on the bottom and the tips pointing upwards. The swords bases were gold, but the blades were like clear diamonds. The blades also seemed to be filled with fire that pulsated within the blade when you touched it. I noticed that the swords all had the same inscription on them. I looked closer to read it, and it said, “The Whole Counsel Of God” on the sword blade. Even though the blade was like a diamond with fire in it, I could read the inscribed words with no problem, as the fire within only enhanced the letters.

I wondered at how there could be so many here in heaven and why they were not being used already. Maybe they were for those yet to be born? I earnestly desired to have one for myself if they were not yet determined for someone, or if the Lord waited for someone to claim one, I would. The Lord nodded, and said, “These swords are for those who desire to walk in the Whole Counsel Of God. Many walk in My Truth, but they do not walk in My whole counsel. They only desire the portions of My Word that fit their theology or that fit into their visions or that will help them accomplish their goals. Many only want to believe in what is easy to believe in, but also do not truly believe all of My Word is true. I am separating those who believe from those who will not believe.”

“My Word is not open for debate or for your own personal selection, but it is to be obeyed as well as to be believed. Most will not obey Me because they truly do not believe. My Word is going to the hearts and I am laying bare every motive, every intent, and every thought to show each of My people their true condition. I will not have any unbelief among My Ranks. I will not have any disobedience among My Ranks. I will not have doubt eroding My House any more. Either you will believe in Me and in My Word or you will not. My Sword has already begun it’s work, and it will intensify as it goes deeper, and the division will increase till there is clarity and purity. Then will My People be ready to handle these swords that you see here.”

“I will not give My Greatest Power to the carnal babies, nor to the openly rebellious, nor to the stubborn, nor to the unbelieving. The carnal babies only think of themselves and of their own needs, and do not break our of themselves but stay in their childishness and in their comforts; the rebellious only think of themselves, of their learned wisdom and desires, and of achieving their own agendas; the stubborn also only think of their own needs and will not yield nor will they change; and the unbelieving always nullify My Grace and resist My Truth by their hard heartedness. Each will not enter in and neither will they receive the Greater Swords of Light. They will fall quickly because they chose not to die.”

“In each generation I have given to men the opportunity to enter in and to stand in My Council. Many did and they became My instruments to shape the corporate thinking and instill My vision for their generation. I released measures of Truth for each generation that they needed which brought them further into My Light and I brought about the restoration that they needed to stand in My Sight. But only a few truly emulated that truth fully. Most still desired only the portions of My Word that were convenient for them or that were able to prosper them. So, each generation either rose up into their call or they receded further from their place in their generation. Those that did obtain their portions released Grace for their hour, so that multitudes could respond to Me and enter in also to learn of Me.”

“This is still My desire for your generation as well. But I do not want My People to pick and to choose what is convenient of My Word any more. I desire for My People to fully stand in My Whole Council and to embrace My Full Counsel, but to also walk in all of My Counsel. I desire that there be no darkness in My House at all, but that there would be only Great Light.”
“So, I am opening my Sword Room and it will be given to those who will choose to stand and to fight for the Greater Light. But it will be a great fight, for the great darkness that has now become a flood opposes the release of My Greater Light, and will attempt to cloud the sight of all who stand and who will claim their right. You must determine in your heart to not delay nor to disobey to get your own way, but you must stand faithful till the end.”

“I am showing you this for it is time for the tougher choices to be made. There is no time to delay, as the greatest of all battles draws near to the threshold and it will now remain. It cannot be held back nor can it be delayed. My Hand has already begun to move across the lands and the deeper breaking forth will intensify as My sword does already fly. But you will stand just as My People will stand, and you will learn to wait for My Commands, as you stand in My Council with Me. It is time for the clutter and for the chatter to be silenced and for the truly important things of My Spirit to be the only focus now. Listen for My Voice and then make the choice to obey Me and to stand. My Counsel will indeed stand, and My Word will be performed. What is written in My Word will be accomplished and what is written therein will be done to the letter, and will be seen by all, great and small, whether they believe Me or not. My Word is true. For I have opened My Sword Room and the true Bride now rises up into her high call.”

“The desire that you have in your heart for one of these swords is true; for it is within each of Mine who truly love the Truth. All who desire the Truth can obtain the Truth and can live by the Truth, if they choose to. All who desire to walk with Me, and to know Me, can reach out to Me at any time, and I will reach out to them. But the desire must first be found resident within. That is why My Sword now flies amongst men, to lay open the true condition of their heart, so they can choose the Truth or the darkness. Take your place and choose your sword. Take heed to the cost, for the Truth judges all. By the Truth you will truly stand or you will fall.”

I looked up and down the rows of cabinets that gleamed in the light. I scanned the swords that lined the cabinets. I touched one here and touched one there, and I desired them greatly but I could not choose which one. They were each beautiful and full of Light, but I also intensely felt that I did not have any right. I searched deep within my heart, and I felt that my choice did not really matter, but still I greatly desired to know what His choice for me would be. So, I turned and was going to ask the Lord, and to my surprise, He stood beside me holding a brilliant luminous sword. He looked gravely at me and said, “The highest cost is made when you know that you can choose any sword that is seen before you and then you still choose to seek My Will above your own. This is what I desire. I desire that you would walk fully in My Fire, and that you would seek My Will above your own every day. In this season you have become full grown. I can trust you with this sword. But this is not just any sword. These that you see here are My Father’s Swords.”

“The Whole Counsel Of God comes from His Mouth. You must eat it daily. You must drink of it daily. You must breathe it in daily and at all times. The Truth must become your very life and breath. Your very life depends upon your surrender and obedience to Him. Take heed to His Voice and stand in His Council. His Words are being given out now to those who have come of age in this season. His Words will be fulfilled and obeyed. Just as I came to do My Father’s will, and so shall you also each fulfill your parts, for each of My Father’s Children will fulfill their parts only if they learn to stand with true hearts. In your generation the greatest battle will take part. It is time to more fully understand the things reserved for your generation and for your hour, for the Father has determined that the mature saints now stand in His Fiery Power as He releases upon the earth the greater fiery showers.”

Jeremiah 23
Acts 20:27 AMP & ASV
Daniel 7

-Susan Cummings
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