Monday, April 20, 2009

Q & A with Pastor Peter Tan

Victoria Ho has a vision of Jesus with Sword in mouth in Nov 2008 and she was amazed when she read the same answer during Q&A with Pastor Peter Tan when I forwarded to her as she tried to enrol his online Logos Bible School.

Here is the Q & A with Pastor Peter Tan with his permission.

1Q What was the purpose of God showing the vision of the four living
creatures to Ezekiel in Ezekiel 1? Was it for judgment? Upon whom?

The four living creatures lived closest to the Throne of God and
anyone who visits the Throne room would be acquainted with them. The
apostle John also saw them. These creatures carry the life of God in
abundance and their very names (creatures) in Greek means life of God
(zoon). Judgment is carried by other angels assigned for that.

2Q Is this judgment only pertaining to Judah as the immediate context
suggests, or also something about the end time as Revelation suggests
(or only the same four living creatures but a different judgment)?

It is both a local prophecy and an end time prophecy.

3Q What is the "wheel" beside each living creature in Ezekiel 1:15?
What do they symbolize in the context?

It is a description of solitons (we now have a scientific term for
that which they don’t in their time, same like the sword in Jesus
mouth which was actually a laser beam). Solitons (term from maths and
chaos theory) are the results of large movements of forces or
energies. Tremendous spiritual and creative energies flow from these

4Q What does Ezekiel 1:16 "a wheel in the middle of a wheel" mean?

When you stir liquid water slowly, all the liquid water flows in one
direction but as the energy of the stirring increases exponentially,
there are various rotational forces that are created (both contrary
and mini circular). These flows of energies are what Ezekiel observed.

5Q I remember you mention that this "a wheel in the middle of a wheel"
can also be used as an illustration to explain the concept of time to
God and humans? Could you explain it and elaborate?

Within these flows of energies, time, space and matter are mere mini
forces within them.

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