Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Lightning Sword from Prophetess Cassandra


RE : The " Lightning Sword"

On the 21st of March, during the tea fellowship after CKRM, MALACCA power ministry. My darling Benjamin Liu and myself were talking and fellowshipping with brother Thomas. I has requested to have an impartation of sward anointing. And brother Thomas gave the impartation just before we leave the place. Inside my heart, I believed the power of the spiritual sword has imparted.

As I started to exercise it at our home by faith, (I practise it during our prayers at House of Glory), and I saw a vision of a "bright, shinning sword like a lightning extended to heaven", I told my darling about what I saw; he nodded and commented, "Christ Kingdom can be Reigned Majestically where ever the the heart desire of God's people are right, pure with GOD." Amen. I totally agreed with him.Before the LORD gave us a plane to fly, one must go thro years of tough trainings and practise or else passing the key of starting the flight engine will cause more injures or death than just having fun of flying an aeroplane, smile. Hence, Children of God who gone thro the refining and consuming by Holy fire from the LORD, would be used by GOD mightily in His timing.

On the 3rd of April morning, my darling wake up with a complaining of suffering diarrhea. and we reckoned that was a spiritual warfare. As I was requested to pray for his healing in our bedroom after taken some medication, I exercise my faith on the SWORD which I received just two weeks ago. I started the prayer by saying "Lord, by your stripes my darling are healed" Isaiah 53:5. And I start cutting the sickness and unwanted spirits with my spiritual sword. And I also asked the LORD to cut and prone away any roots and branches which are rotten and not fruitful away from my darling. Then , I left the room for my darling to rest.

When I was doing some works downstair, I saw my husband, woke up and screaming like eagle and flapping the eagle's wings and start to laugh. I saw him receiving healing and climbing down the stair and start to worship and sing to the LORD, and then prophesying. Glory to our almighty GOD. I saw that Christ Kingdom manifesting in House of Glory with the dog barking anointing (Isaiah 56:10, Ezekiel 3:17) and eagle crying.. healing and deliverance take place, Amen. I am testifying these for Heavenly Father, may all the Glory onto Him alone ,may His Kingdom reigns Majestically thro out the earth, and may the Heaven reigns on earth, smile.

Walking with Christ,

Cassandra June Lai

9th of April 2009
From Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
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