Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Revival in Cell Group

Last week, as usual, the first week of the month, we just doing praise and worship God in cell group as we just love to praise & worship Him in spirit and in truth. Let the Holy Spirit directed all the agenda. The presence of God came even before we started the praise and worship. First time I was using flag & banner, rainstick to enhance the worship in cell.

When the glory came down during worship, the fire of God just swept through my cell members as I was led to release the fire of God. The results were:

Two young believers received the gift of tongues (Act 2:4)!

One brother re-activated his 'roar of the Lion of Judah' (Amos 3:8) fiercely under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. He then released the fire of God over me and I was 'blowing' (John 20:22) under the power of God.

One sister was manifested like riding horse (Hab 3:8) under the anointing of Holy Ghost!

After the fellowship, I sensed the angel of the Lord putting arrow (Hab 3:11) in my hand especially want me to pray for my leader. As I released the seven flying arrows (2Sam 22:15) to her, the power of God came upon her and she felt fire and tingling in her hand. She then fell under the power as the Lord was empowering her on prophetic anointing. The Lord imparted the flying arrow to me through Ps Paul in CKRM, Malacca. It's a powerful spiritual weapon use for healing, deliverance and empowerment. The seven arrows also represent the seven messages to seven churches in the book of Revelation.

All the manifestation and signs point us back to Jesus and renewed our heart and passion to worship Him with all our heart, our strength and our mind

All the Glory to God!
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