Friday, May 7, 2010

Key to The Realm of Glory - Praise and Worship 进入荣耀领域的钥匙- 敬拜赞美

Praise and Worship are the easiest way to usher the Glory of God, one of the keys to unlock the door of supernatural. A new song that's being released will take you to the higher realm, the realm of glory, the realm of supernatural, the realm of Heavenlies, the realm of where the angels sing, the realm of our Heavenly Father

敬拜赞美是最简单的方法进入神的荣耀,打开超自然门的其中一个钥匙。 被释放的新歌将带领你到更高的领域,荣耀的领域,超自然的领域,天上的领域,天使唱歌的领域,天父宝座的领域。

Your praise changes the atmosphere.
How to worship God that enable us to experience the atmosphere of Heaven?


According to Ruth Ward Heflin,

Praise... until the spirit of worship comes

Worship... until the Glory comes

Then,... stand in the Glory.

根据 Ruth Ward Heflin




Watch "Listen to my Heart" until the end and receive your miracle!
倾听我的心 , 观看到最后领受你的神迹!

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