Thursday, July 29, 2010

Instant Weight Loss ~ Brother John Kher


Almost all fathers would like to see their children be merry all the time. How much more our heavenly father pleases if we are filled with the joy of the Lord in His house? The joy of the Lord is our strength. Prior to the commencement of CKRM Petaling Jaya, the Ministry in my house was full of joy as we experienced the awesome presence of God. My friend Joseph came once to my ministry about a year ago and received the Lion of Judah Anointing. However, the enemy confused and put doubt in him. By God’s grace, he came back after being absent for one year. Now he attends the CKRM Klang Divine Healing meeting in my house after realizing that he was deceived by the evil one. At present he receives the Joy of the Lord and Lion of Judah Anointing.

The Lord enables another brother called, John Kher to see in the spirit realm when the angel in bro Joseph transforms into the Lion of Judah during the special meeting in my house.

Brother John Kher, was an extremely obese man. When Bro Chia, the leader of CKRM Klang brought him to my house he had an uncontrollable weight problem and was awfully smelly due to a bone cancer in his left foot.

Praise the Lord that God had transformed him for His glory when he experienced miracles of instant weight loss in God’s presence, Fire Anointing and Holy Laughter. Although, he has difficulty reading the bible due to poor education and past health problem, the Lord blesses him a special gift of seeing in the spirit after attending CKRM Supernatural and Anointing Ministry. He experienced physical healing and tremendous healing on his cancerous leg. He testified that he could now walk without using a walking stick which was impossible in the past! Third heaven encounters, translation in the spirit, angelic encounters, seeing into the spirit realm are normal experiences for him. The supernatural realm has become so natural for him! He is now helping us to discern and empower people during ministry. Well, this is the results of believing in the ways of God which are higher to ours and attending CKRM without any doubt or prejudice.


在我家的特会中,主使一位叫做John Kher的弟兄特别看到灵界情况,他看到Joseph里面的天使转变成犹大狮子。

John Kher弟兄是个超级肥子。当CKRM巴生的领袖谢弟兄带他来我家时,他有体重无法控制的问题,并且由于左脚有骨癌,发出严重的体臭。

赞美主!我们的神因祂自己的荣耀使John Kher被转变。经历了在神同在中超自然快速减肥、圣火恩膏和圣灵喜笑后,John Kher弟兄被神完全转变。虽然由于以前缺乏教育和过去的健康问题,他现在还不能读圣经,但神却赐给他一个特别的恩赐。在参加CKRM超自然和恩膏事工后,他能够看到灵界情况。他自己也经历了身体医治,患有癌症的腿也大大好转。他自己做见证说现在他可以不用拐杖行走,这在以前是不可能的。现在对他来讲,三层天的经历、灵里飞行,看到天使和灵界情况已经是很平常的事了。超自然领域对他变得如此自然。现在他在事工中帮助我们做分辨和装备的工作。当然,这些结果都是因为我们相信神的道路高过我们的道路,并且不带任何怀疑和偏见参加CKRM事工。

当我为我妻子Penny祷告时,John Kher 弟兄能看到她腹中的胎儿在踢脚。在后来交通的时候,Penny证实说,祷告的时候孩子确实在她腹中激烈地踢脚。
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