Thursday, July 29, 2010

Supernatural Instant Height Growth & New Heart 超自然快速增高和新心


Demonstrations of Supernatural Instant Height Growth” during Supernatural and Anointing Ministry CKRM Malacca.  – Thomas Ong

Being witnessed by the congregation, Sister Natasha Chew received miracle of instant height growth (The photo shows her left leg was growing supernaturally about 2.5cm prior to prayer for her right leg to grow into equal length)

When we were drunk in the Spirit or intoxicated by the love of God, we could also experience other outrageous miracles. During a Supernatural and Anointing meeting, I was led to give bro Wong aged 72 years old, a ‘new heart’ and I prayed for the renewal of youth to him. He received the ‘new heart’ by faith and testified that now he could walk 15km every morning without feeling out of breath! His hair starts to grow and turns black in colour again! Praise the Lord for miracles still happen today!

在全体会众的见证下,Natasha Chew领受到了快速增高的神迹(照片中显示出在对她右腿发命令长到与左腿一样长之前,左腿超自然地长出了约2.5厘米)

当我们饮于圣灵或醉在神的爱中时,也会经历其他的惊人神迹。在一次超自然与恩膏聚会中,我被感动为72岁的黄弟兄祷告得到一个“新心脏”,我祷告他恢复年轻。他凭信心领受了“新心脏”,并且见证他现在每早能走15 公里而不感到气喘!他的头发也开始重新长出,并且颜色变黑!赞美主,神迹奇事今天仍在发生!
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