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Spices in the Anointing Oil

In the old testament, God gave recipes to Moses on how to prepare the anointing oil. Basically, the anointing oil contained myrrh, cinnamon, sweet cane (calamus), cassia and olive oil. (Exodus 30:22-25). Each ingredients revealed the anointing of Holy Spirit for supernatural manifestation of the glory of God on earth as it is in Heaven.

Myrrh was a mild narcotic used as a pain killer. It was also used in the making of perfumes and cosmetics due to its pleasant smell. Myrrh was among the gifts presented to the young Jesus by the wise men (Matt 2:11). At the cross, there was an attempt to give myrrh to Jesus to ease His suffering, yet He refused it (Mark 15:23). By refusing this pain-killer, Jesus Himself borne the full suffering for humankind so that whoever believe in him, will receive His full redemption and healing.

He suffered and endured great pain for us, but we thought his suffering was punishment from God. He was wounded and crushed because of our sins; by taking our punishment, he made us completely well. (Isa 53:4-5 CEV)

As a prophetic symbol in the anointing oil, myrrh speaks to us of how the anointing bring people into healing from their brokenness, bondage to sin, and sickness.

Cinnamon was a rare, expensive and highly prized spice in biblical times. Cinnamon is fragrant, but is best known for its fiery-hot taste when used in certain foods. Prophetically, it's speaks to us the Baptism of Fire. John the Baptist described Jesus as the One who would baptize us with the Holy Spirit and with Fire (Matt 3:11). The coming revival will be great outpouring of baptism of fire, where a big group of believer, corporately baptized by the Holy Fire as foretold by John the Baptist. For further study about Fire Anointing, please click Pastor Paul Ang’s article "Fire Anointing and It's Purpose".

Sweet Cane (calamus) is a highly fragrant cane whose stem root was greatly desired by perfumers. The pleasant fragrance was best released by bruising or crushing the root of the plant.In the same way, there is a type of bruising or crushing of a believer’s life that is necessary to release the greater measure of grace and power flowing through us. Many great man and woman of God endure crushing and bruising in their life before God can use them mightily.

In the Lord’s supper, breaking and crushing are a necessary part of the forming of the elements (Luke 22:14-20; 1Cor 11:23-26). Jesus used the bread (broken and ground wheat) as His body and the wine (crushed grapes) as His blood to demonstrate His great redemption for humankind from sin and sickness.

Cassia is the bark of a plant that is similar to the cinnamon plant. Cassia was used as a laxative in Bible times. Prophetically, cassia represents the purifying effect of the anointing. Or in simple word, the anointing will clear away the ‘rubbish’ inside of us which accumulated throughout the years. The purification or deliverance process is part of the empowerment for greater glory of God to flow through us.

The Scriptures revealed when Samuel anointed Saul to become the King, Saul change to another person and he received new heart(1Sam 10:6,9). The anointing not only equipped Saul with what he needed, but it also included a transforming work.

Olive Oil has elements of each of the other four ingredients, and adds one more unique feature.

In biblical times, olive oil was:
• used as medicine, to treat illness and pain (like myrrh)
• used as fuel for lamps, and was associated with fire (like cinnamon)
• made by crushing and bruising, and gives off a pleasant aroma (like cane)
• used to cleanse and purify both outwardly and inwardly (like cassia)

Olive oil is a natural lubricant. When placed between or over two objects, it reduces friction and Wear. Psalm 133 describe the key to the anointing (precious oil) and favor (dew) is the unity among brethern.

In conclusion, all the spices point back Jesus, the Glory of God revealed.
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