Saturday, August 27, 2011

Testimonies @ CKRM PJ - Healing in His Wings Ministry 27/8/11

"...For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy." (Rev 19:10)
The root word for 'testimony' means 'do again'. The testimony carries the prophetic anointing. The power is being released to make that testimony happens again in the lives of those who hear it. May you be encouraged for what the Lord has done during CKRM PJ - Healing in His Wings Ministry on 27/8/2011

' My child was having fever and I brought him for prayer at 'Healing in His Wings' Ministry last week, his fever was completely gone, Praise God! No need to go for doctor...' Brother Peter from Klang
(Author's Footnote: Every time Brother Peter attending 'Healing in His Wings' Ministry, the fire of God comes very strongly upon Brother Peter and he will be roaring throughout the entire service. His son who received healing is about 3-4 years old.)

"I felt something very different here, the anointing is very strong. I felt very joyful and can dance non-stop to praise God during praise & worship times especially today. I couldn't believe I can dance so naturally and run so fast from front of pulpit to back of the sanctuary when the anointings come so strongly upon me..." Sister Jasmine

"I am very grateful to Sister June and Sister Jasmine to bring me here. Praise God that I felt the tremendous love of God upon me when I receive healing prayer today..." Sister Ivie from Philippine

"I couldn't 'roar' although bro Thomas had been praying for me during the past services. However, the anointing today was extremely strong. The power of God just hit me and activated the 'Lion of Judah' anointing in me! Praise God! It's my first time to roar from the inner body ..." Bro Joseph

"When Sister June used the Sword of the Spirit on me, the power of God hits me and I was kneeling down before Him. I was trying to get up but my body did not response and I just couldn't move at all! Then, at that moments, I received a word from God to be 'humble', and I realized that I need to learn to be humble before Him, praise god.." Sister Jessie

"My spiritual life had become more sensitive to the leading of Holy Spirits after coming to CKRM. Before that, I don't know how to sing and dance in the natural, I thanks God as He just gave me the ability to sing and dance for Him...." Sister June
(Author's Footnote: Sister June will be migrating to Perth to start a new chapter of her life and her calling. I really appreciated for her serving to the Lord at CKRM PJ. She carries strong worship anointing and the glory of God just comes down whenever she worships Him)

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