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Miracle Herbs Teh Mahkota Dewa(God`s Crown)

Mahkota Dewa (Miracle Fruit)
100% Natural,No preservatives or additives

Mahkota Dewa(God's Crown) An herbal cure all : The effective remedy for diabetes,cancer,high blood pessure,heart disease,skin disease and many other diseases.

Mahkota Dewa is believed to be the natural remedies for many diseases and health ailments
 such as high blood pressure, impotency, insomnia, influenza, rheumatism, allergies, heart
 disease, bladder complaints, uric acid and liver problems.

What are the benefits of Mahkota Dewa?

Its contains 4 useful chemical for human body;
Capable of improving the blood flow, reducing Cholestrol as well as reducing the chances
of HEART Decease.
Improve blood circulation throughout the body and prevent blockages in blood vessels
reduce the cholesterol content of fat and reduce penumbunan on blood vessel walls
reduce the levels of risk of coronary heart disease
contains anti-inflammatory (anti-inflammatory)
act as anti-oxidants
help to reduce pain if there is bleeding or swelling

 Alkaloids, is detoxification which can neutralize toxins in the body

Anti bacteria and anti virus agent. Reducing Sugar Level in blood.
enhance the immune system
enhance the vitality
reduce blood sugar levels
reduce blood clotting

Used as anti-allegic.
serve as an antihistamine (allergy)

Chemical Ingredients
1. Leaves: contain adequate antihistamines, alkaloids, saponins & polyphenols (lignans)
2. Fruit Skin: contain adequate alkaloids, saponins & flavonoids.
3. Fruit: alkanoid, tannins, flavonoids, phenols, saponins, lignans, essential oils &

The nature & Benefits
1. Fruit skin and flesh Fruit: mengubati dysentery (bloody diarrhea), psoriasis & acne.
2. Leaves and Seeds: mengubati various types of skin problems such as ekzim & gatal2.
3. Fruit: antitumor, antidisentri, antiinsekta, mengubati eczema, hepatotoxic & antibodies.

Some  diseases that  may be cured with Teh Mahkota Dewa

 Cancer & Tumors
 Eczema (Skin Diseases)
 Diabetes mellitus (diabetes)
 High Blood Pressure
 Hepatitis (Liver Inflammation)
 Rheumatic (joint pain)
 Uric acid (Gout ,Arthritis)
 Heart Disease
 Kidney Disorders
Liver disease
High cholesterol
Kidney disease
Shortness of breath(diffculty breathing)
Female whitish discharge(白带)
Erectile dysfunction(Impotence)
Weak erection
Menstrual problems
Vaginal infections
 Decreased libido


Individual results may vary.

Mahkota dewa is  used by the Indonesian community,
especially in Java, as the drug of skin diseases, itching, and eczema. The disease is
characterized by symptoms of itching, signs of allergy to a particular agent that
encourages the body's cells out histamine.

From studies in vitro using guinea pig small intestine, is known, it is dsicover that
leaves and fruit of mahkota dewa have  the effect of antihistamines. This means that this
plant can be scientifically justified its use as a drug itching from insect bites or
caterpillars, eczema, and other diseases due to allergies.

Mahkota dewa is a popular medicinal plant because  the leaves and fruit are
considered able to cure various diseases. For example high blood pressure disease,
diabetes, liver, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, gout, rheumatism, kidney problems,
allergies, various skin diseases, overcoming drug addiction, insomnia, lung, liver
cirrhosis, increased stamina and endurance against influenza
Review of Mahkota Dewa ( Phaleria papuana)
 UGM lecturer, Sumastuti explained that Mahkota dewa contain Anthinistamin, flavonoids, saponon, polyphenols, and other substances which have the effect of analgesia, anti-bacterial passage and lowers blood sugar ( No Sunday Morning. 44 February 2002)

 Green Tea ( Camellia Sinensis L) is a medicinal plant in the earth' s greatest.
Dr. Joko Sulistyo of Research and Development Center for Biology LIPI said that experts from Mainz University in Germany Johannes Guitenburg been doing research on tea leaves that green tea does contain an anti-carcinogenic component is also an active antioxidant that works to prevent damage to cells or DNA as a result of free radical compounds that associated with cancer and heart disease.

Tea parasite ( Scurrula Cetropurpurea)
According to Prof.. Pramono expert Suwijoyo Pharmacy
 UGM is a plant that is very effective as a cure for cancer, green tea, fruit tea Mahkota Dewa and the parasite is highly compound blend formulation containing all three polyphenolic compounds it contains, among others, epicatechin ( EC) epigalo catechins ( EGC) , epicatechin Error ( ECG) , epigallocatechin gallate ( EGCC) , flavonoids, gallic acid, and chlorogenic.

Testimony of users
Ir. Sardi Suwito Community leaders, active in various civic organizations Kokap, Kulonprogo.
 " My blood sugar was very high, uric acid was already sort of chronic, totally exhausted every helpless because of the high uratku acid. Alhamdulillah after drinking Mahkota Dewa Tea Products Salama Nusantara, I' m healthy again. "

Nyoya Lamuri Kampung Bahari, North Jakarta "
I had suffered from heart disease high blood mixed. Went to the doctor not fit, then I eat fruit concoction Mahkkota god, now I' ve recovered. "

 Butet Kertarajasa Yogyakarta artists "
 Really I am very grateful because it only takes a week my blood sugar and triglyceride levels actually go down. All thanks to the help of Allah and discipline engatur diet, exercise and drinking Mahkota Dewa herb regularly.

R. Bambang Eko Priyono Purwo Kanjeng studio, Parikesan and Clinics Alternative Jl. Lake Buyan Sanur, Bali, Bali.
' I want to say without a tendency that the product of PT. Salama Nusantara Kulonprogo, Yogyakarta, in the form of Mahkota Dewa Tea, a traditional medicinal products selling in the community, especially community residents Yogyakarta Bali in Bali. Great traditional ingredients with no chemically addictive substance that is safe and efficacious for consumption. Jakarta, March 21, 2007

 Muhidin Hasan ( 66 Years) Regards Hamlet III RT. 19 RW. 09 Plumbon, Temon, Kulonprogo. " I have three children, all married, the older the age we are experiencing impotence, about six months ago, after drinking Mahkota Dewa Tea regularly every day for one week we were healthy and normal wife relationship.

Major ( Ret.) H. Siyono ( 63 Years) Klender RT. 01 RW. 01 ( Front SMA 12 Jakarta Timur) More than 5 years, in line trip complications of disease ravaged my body age, diabetes, high blood pressure and ran to the heart.
Mid-February of 2007, the results of medical check-up of the RS team. Hope we denounce We must immediately Cardiac Surgery. Beginning in March 2007 we found the Mahkota Dewa Tea products Salama Nusantara Kulonprogo Yogyakarta, we routinely consume tomorrow, noon afternoon, and Alhamdulillah we are by the team doctor stated do not need surgery.

Ny.Anan Winata ( Bogor) "
For three years I had ovarian cancer, then I get the Mahkota Dewa fruit concoction, Thank God I was cured now. "

Is Faizah Badich ( 48 Years) Jl. Imogiri West 136, South Market Telo, Karangkajen, Yogyakarta.
 " I have been suffering from a benign tumor on his back for 10 years. Two years later the lump was disturbing because of intense itching, cenut-cenut and somewhat hardened. At first I decided to surgery, but Alhamdulillah thanks to the help and permission of Allah SWT after reading an article in the paper and then consuming Mahkota Dewa Tea as much as three packs dipunggung lump disappeared. Since then I decided to continue to consume in order to bump Mahkota Dewa Tea does not grow anymore and to maintain health. "

Mahkota Dewa is an effective remedy for diabetes.Diabetes patients who are not able to control their sugar level  are seeing good results after taking Mahkota Dewa.For diabetes patients on insulin,they must be careful when taking Mahkota Dewa or their sugar level might be too low.  

1.Buah Mahkota Dewa ( Phaleria papuana Fructus) 70%
 2.Daun Green tea ( Folium Camallia Sinensis) 20%
3.Benalu Tea ( Scumula Atropurpurea Folium) 10%

Suitable for young and old

11/2 teaspoon of mahkota dewa each time.
Just pour in hot water and cover for 15 minutes before drinking.Brown sugar may be added for non diabetic consumer.Mahkota dewa can be reused many times.Do not throw it away after your first drink.

 Warning: Not to be consumed by Pregnant Women

Teh Mahkota Dewa may be consumed  warm on empty stomach for best results.Drink Mahkota dewa 3 times daily before food for best results.

18 dollars per box 130gram
Phone 65 8498 0237 Michael Tan
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