Friday, February 22, 2013

Lost and Found in the Glory - Sister Faith Lim


I lost my wedding gift given by my mum and siblings for about 2 years. In the the past I have tried looking at those places that cross my mind until I feel like giving up and just let it appear on its own one fine day.

But as time went by I feel a bit guilty as I have not really done a thorough search in the house. One Saturday, bro. Thomas Ong asked during ministry time whether anyone has lost anything and straight away I raised my hands.

I was one of those who went forward to be prayed for and I told the Lord that I have lost three things that need to be recovered. The first item on the list is the wedding gift. Thomas prayed for us (he did not lay hands on us)  and I returned to my seat happy.

Went back home wandering how and when this missing item be found. So I thought, well I will go back to the same cupboard that I have already checked and try again. This time my eye cast on a box containing old photos albums and I opened the box and put my hand deep into the gaps and feel around and i sense that it may be in this box. And its in the box! Praise God!

Faith Lim
(Wife of Pastor Simeon Lim)
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