Saturday, February 16, 2013

Online Impartation - Testimony from Durban, South Africa


Thank you JESUS. I have been in contact with man of God, brother Thomas Ong via Facebook for online impartation. He prayed for me for activation of the supernatural and the restoration for my life and ministry. GOD has been so faithful. Not only am I restored and doors are opening for me to minister

After Thomas prayed for me, I went to a Friday night service to preach. First time in my life and ministry I got the testimony of two peoples lost weight supernaturally. Also many received jobs, college's funds come to those who wanted to study and supernatural finance into peoples bank account. Then for the first time the other day I prayed for my uncle who was blind and GOD instantly opened his eyes!


Tyrell Pechey
Durban, South Africa
13 Feb 2013

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