Sunday, January 19, 2014

Online Impartation - Testimony of Pastor from Salvation for Asia Church, India

Hi friends, I am Pastor Singh from North India, I have been doing Church planting ministry work for the last 9 years by faith as independent ministry. God has done so many miracles in our ministry… but since last July 2013 I felt so weak in my Spirit.

Yesterday I talked to brother Thomas Ong though Facebook and I shared with him about our ministry work and needs too. He then prayed for me on Facebook. When he was praying, I felt electricity current going through my whole body. The temperature here was so cold, but when brother Thomas Ong was praying, I felt warm in my body.

Today I went to church and I found my spirit renewed. When I was preaching on the works of the Holy Spirit during Sunday Church Service, there were 7 people saved and healed from different kind of sickness including 2 ladies delivered from demon spirit. Praise the Lord!

Thanking you  brother Thomas Ong for prayed for me.

Pastor Singh
Founder- Salvation for Asia Church, India

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