Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My Gastric Healed in Jesus name ~ Kelvin Daniel


I attended CKRM PJ's service on June 21,2014. During the healing impartation, Thomas, whom as the leader in front, asked anyone whom is having any stomach issue to step forward. Then he asked me what was the problem, so I told him I was suffering from gastric for some time. He then commanded this gastric to leave me in Jesus name, I felt a whirlwind around me that made me spin clockwise and immediately was slain. My right hand was over my belly and I felt strong currents flowing all over my belly. Even my legs were straightened and slowly lifted up by itself about 3 inches up and down. When the whole congregation worshipping the lord in Chinese worship song, I even felt a stronger manifestation of God on me, it was amazing that my arm kept pressing my stomach from the top and eventually it was a gentle circle around my tummy. Eventually some wind came out through my mouth. This went on for about ½ hour till I felt I could left myself up. Afterwards, I felt all my stomach pain had left me for good. I was healed without measure from God. It was as if God replaced my stomach with a new one. During the healing too, I heard God’s voice telling me to stop taking the gastric medicine. As I obeyed, now I don’t have any gastric attacks again. Praise the Lord God Almighty, Jehovah Jireh.

Kelvin Daniel

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